Sebaceous Prominance Removal

Sebaceous Prominence Removal

Small white bumps formed on the shaft or at the bottom of the shaft of male genital organ are known as Sebaceous Prominence. The sebum produced by the sebaceous glands maintains the moisture in the skin. When there is an overproduction of sebum, it will block the hair follicles and project out as bumps known as sebaceous prominence. Sebaceous Prominence is not a sexually transmitted disease. It is neither a serious problem nor contagious. However, males who have sebaceous prominence get mentally dejected and loose their confidence out of the fear that their female partners may suspect the bumps as a lethal STD and refuse to have sex with them.- If you are suffering from Pearly Penile Papules - see removal treatment for Pearly Penile Papules .

In order to regain the original appearance of penis, sufferers of sebaceous prominence will be desperately in need of a treatment to get rid of the bumps. But, in medicine, there is no specific treatment for sebaceous prominence. Being a harmless skin condition, many people will just ignore the same and it may disappear by itself in course of time. 

Pricking the bumps will not be a permanent solution since the bumps may appear again. Moreover, when there are number of bumps, it is not practical to prick them one by one. While pricking, it should not create a wound which will attract other infections.

Those who are affected can consult a dermatologist for a proper treatment.

Sebaceous prominence can be removed surgically by Laser treatment. The expenses will be huge and the patient has to be hospitalized. Moreover, the treatment will be painful and may cause formation of permanent scars. Also, the cure may not be permanent.

Consumption of herbal medicines and application of herbal creams on the affected area can give positive results to some extent.

There are a few Home Remedies for removal of sebaceous prominence.

By using a chemical peel, the upper layer of the skin can be removed. On healing, the skin will have a fresh look and the bumps will not be there.

The affected part is to be regularly washed and cleaned by a scrub made of Baking Soda. The paste of Baking Soda in water is to be massaged on the affected area for a few seconds and when it becomes dry wash it off with cold water.

Taking healthy diet is necessary to keep the skin healthy. Consumption of fats and processed sugar should be avoided.

One must drink minimum 10 glasses of water every day.

Treatment of sebaceous prominence can give only partial result and also there will not be any guarantee for a permanent cure.