Sebaceous Prominance Removal

Sebaceous Prominence or Penis Pimples is very common among males. White colored pimples appear on the shaft as well as base of penis. This is not an STD nor is it a contagious ailment. It has no connection with any other disease. Sebaceous prominence is harmless and it will not cause pain. It is a male genital skin condition. Sometimes the bumps may look swollen and in red color.

Sebaceous glands produce sebum which keeps the skin moisturized. When there is excess production of sebum it will block the hair follicles and project outside as bumps. These bumps are called sebaceous prominence.

Though a harmless disease, Sebaceous Prominence will have psychological impacts on the affected males. The disfiguration of genital organ may make them mentally dejected and also they may shed their confidence. The fear of a refusal by the female partner after suspecting the pimples as STD will always haunt them. Hence, the sufferers of Sebaceous Prominence will be very particular of removing those bumps at the earliest so as to save their sexual life.

In medicine there is no treatment for Sebaceous Prominence. The pimples can be surgically removed by CO2 Laser therapy. However, the cost is very high and the treatment is painful. There can be side effects and also the pimples may re-appear.

The affected person may consult a dermatologist and take his advice regarding treatment of Sebaceous Prominence.

Pricking the bumps is not practical since they will be in large numbers. Also, even after pricking, the pimples may re-appear. The wound created due to pricking may cause infection also.

There are a few Home Remedies for Sebaceous Prominence which may give some relief.

By using a chemical peel, the outer layers of the bumps can be removed.

The hot compress method can help removing the bumps. A piece of cloth is soaked in hot water and pressed on the pimples for a few minutes 2 – 3 times daily. The pimples may start disappearing after 15-20 days of treatment.

Consuming herbal medicines and applying herbal cream on the affected part can check the growth of the pimples.

Paste of Baking soda in water is prepared. The affected part is massaged with the paste. When it becomes dry, the scrub is washed off with water. This treatment may help to remove the pimples.

Healthy diet is vital for a healthy skin. The patient should avoid processed sugars and fats. Drinking plenty of water daily is also very important.

 The various treatment methods for sebaceous prominence can give only partial relief and also the cure may not be permanent. Those who know how to live with sebaceous prominence can ignore the pimples and need not bother about treatment. In the course of time, the bumps may disappear by themselves.