Sebaceous Prominance Removal

Sebaceous Prominence Home Removal

Sebaceous Prominence is a genital skin condition that is very common among males. When sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands in excess quantity, it will block the hair follicles and form as white small sized bumps on the base and shaft of the penis. These bumps are called sebaceous prominence or penis pimples.Read about other Sebaceous Prominence Removal methods.

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Sebaceous Prominence is not a sexually transmitted disease. It is harmless and not contagious. It will not cause pain and not dangerous. However men who have sebaceous prominence are likely to loose their self-esteem due to the disfiguration of their genital organ. They will be having the fear that their female partner may suspect the pimples as STD and avoid sex with them. Hence sufferers of Sebaceous Prominence will be direly in need of a method of treatment which will enable them to get rid of the bumps and regain the original appearance of their penis.

There is no effective treatment for sebaceous prominence in medicine. The pimples can be removed by surgical methods such as CO2 Laser therapy. But, the treatment is highly expensive and also is painful. Permanent scars also will be formed due to the treatment. After all, there is every possibility of the pimples forming again. The patient can consult a dermatologist regarding treatment of sebaceous prominence.

Herbal medicines and herbal creams can cure sebaceous prominence to some extent.

Hand pricking is not practical since there will be number of pimples. Moreover, even after pricking the bumps may appear. At the time of pricking, if a wound is formed, it may lead to infection also.

Many of the affected males opt for Sebaceous Prominence Home Removal. Home Remedies are safe and can provide some relief. They are not very expensive also.

Those who have sebaceous prominence must stick to a healthy diet. They should avoid fats and processed sugar. They must drink plenty of water everyday.

Hot compress will help removal of the pimples. A piece of cloth is soaked in hot water and pressed on the bumps continuously for about 20 minutes 2 to 3 times daily for 15 – 20 days. The pimples may disappear.

A scrub of Baking Soda is made in water and the affected part is massaged with the paste. When it becomes dry, it is washed off with cold water. This will help remove the pimples.

Sebaceous Prominence Home Removal will yield positive results but, there will be no guarantee for a permanent cure.   You may read about Pearly Penile Papules cure ebook ,the methods also effective for Sebaceous prominence cure.